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Your health and wellbeing are very important to your employer and they've invested in Wellbee to support this. Wellbee is not a survey. It’s a safe and secure platform you can use to assess your own wellbeing and then receive practical, personalised recommendations – instantly.

You can access Wellbee here

Why should I complete Wellbee?

  • Recent events have been challenging for everyone, we want to make sure you’re properly supported
  • Everyone needs a little help sometimes and this is a safe, secure and private way to access it
  • Even if you feel great, life is a learning journey and you could pick up some useful learning and life skills

How often should I use it?

  • Wellbee is tailored to each individual so you can go in and complete it anytime you like – that’s anytime you’d appreciate some support or would like to check in on how you’re feeling

How long does it take to complete?

  • You should allow 5 minutes to answer all of the questions

Can I answer some of the questions and complete it later?  

  • The idea is that Wellbee is quick and easy to complete and gives a snapshot of how you’re feeling at any one time so all questions must be completed at the same time.

Will my line manager (or someone else) see my responses?

  • Your company administrator can see a summary of your results and view your recommendations though no one will be able to see the specific scores you submit
  • However, you might decide to share your recommendations with someone within your organisation
  • If your responses indicate that you would benefit from urgent support, a general notification will go to your administrator who will check in with you

How does sharing my recommendations work? 

  • If you decide to do this, use the ‘Share’ option that will appear on your recommendations page. You can share with anyone in the system; this might be a mentor, your line manager or someone else. Your chosen person will be notified via email and will be granted access to your recommendations via their own dashboard 

How can I go back at a later date to view my recommendations and suggested resources?

  • Log into Wellbee to access these at any time via your dashboard. Whenever you complete the questions again, your recommendations will be updated. 

What if I feel I need extra support?

  • Please contact your line manager, mentor, HR department, wellbeing specialist or other trusted colleague

“I found Wellbee really quick and easy to use and really liked the friendly language and approachable style. The recommendations were very useful and felt manageable.  For example, I learned about passive-aggressive behaviour and got some great tips about how to deal with this in future. I would recommend this tool to anyone who would like to work on improving their own wellbeing via a safe and secure platform”.

Kelvin, 24, project manager

Wellbee – intelligent wellbeing insights

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